Unten Fighters (日本の戦闘機 Nihon no sentōki) is a fighting game starring characters from the Unten universe.

It was first announced by the creator and set for a 2016 release on The V² exclusevly.



Unten Fighters is a tradditional 1-on-1 fighting game where the player has to deplete the opponent's health before time runs out. A new mechanic feature is that whenever opponent gets hit, it will drop small sun-colored orbs called Pinxies. With these, you can fill your Super Combo Gauce to peform it until it was maxed. If the player pressed all 3 buttons (Pressing the thumbstick down, then red and blue at the same time)  while having a maxed Super Combo Gauce, the character will start flashing. By peforming a certain button requirement, it will peform a one-hit Combo when the opponent is dizzied in defeat.

Playable CharactersEdit


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