Unten, the Mascot of Fantendo.
Gender Male
Living Town Unknown
Class Hero
"Last" of the Beorns
First Appearance Fissure (original)
Current Status(es) Alive, not well

Unten (Japanese: ウン天 Unten) is the mascot of the Fantendo company and the main character of the [[That One Series With a Long and Uninteresting Name That I Do Not Wish to Remember|Template:Hiddentext]] (and the reboot entitled "Prodigy") series of games. He first appeared in the game Fissure. He is the adopted son of Chief Dongorio who resides in Peaceful Plains and is one of the last Beorns that are still alive. Throughout the original series he becomes the saviour of his land. Outside of the main series, he has other iterations and is part of the greater Fantendo universe and is one of the most commonly used characters in the series.

In Shattered, he had a dark secret that supposedly "explains everything". Nobody beyond the writer of the Shattered and YoshiEgg knew what this secret was until May 12, where it was revealed that Unten was a catalyst.