Professor Franky
The Evil of London
Current Age 64
Date of Birth July 1
Gender Male
Species Human
Living Town London
Class Watchman
Main Weapon(s) Golden Guns
Vulnerable to Princesses
First Appearance Evil (2001)
Latest Appearance Frozen (2015)
Relative(s) Dr.Octos (Mom),Sir Edward (Father)
This is Anna! She's Capture this camera Kill HIM!
Professor Franky

UK Watchman of Sergeant of England. He doesn't noise of Anna not Captured Camera. He has a Weapons to not Captured Camera Ok,Let's see the Languages.

  • FrankyCard

    The Franky Card

    French=Professeur Franky
  • German=Professor Franky
  • Italian=Professor Franky
  • Thai=ศาสตราจารย์ แฟรงกี้
  • Korean=교수 프랭키
  • Japanese=教授フランキー
  • Spanish=Profesor Franky
  • Chinese=永邦教授 or 永邦教授
  • Hindu=प्रोफेसर Franky
  • Arabian=أستاذ فرانكي