Marvel vs. Fantendo: Warzones is a 2018 2D fighting game developed by Inora as a spin-off of Marvel vs. Fantendo: Battleworlds, using it's engine and gameplay. Released digitally and physically for a lower price than it's predecessor, the game introduces mechanics, a new story mode, and a completely different 20 character roster. Warzones has heroes and villains on both sides teaming up to stop an alliance between the Hand and Queen Mallory.

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Warzones shares it's gameplay with Battleworlds, being a fast-paced fighter that utilizes simple, uniform inputs for normal and special attacks. The 3v3 system is also virtually unchanged, allowing players to switch characters on the fly for one round matches. The major change is the lack of Infinity Stones, an Infinity Gauge, and the Assist Meter. These are all replaced by the Substance Meter.

Filled by racking up combos and avoiding damage, this bar has three purposes upon being filled completely. They can summon another character to attack for up to three times, use Regeneration, or use their Destruction Attack. Regeneration allows the player to refill one character's life bar completely unless they get hit in-between, while each character has a unique and cinematic Destruction Attack that does massive damage to an opponent.



While digging underground for a liquid that allows them to live forever called the "substance", the Hand stumbles upon a wormhole that leads into the Zaxinian Lifts. Their leader Elektra Natchios befriends the villainous Queen Mallory, who currently rules over the once peaceful realm, and tells her of what they're searching for. Interested in using it for herself, her regime and the evil organization team up to unearth what substance exists in the Fantendoverse. As if things couldn't get any worse, this activity leads to more destruction that could rip a hole in time and space! Can heroes and villains from both universes work together to stop them?




Marvel vs. Fantendo: Warzones has 20 total characters, 10 for each side. 4 have been added so far.

Marvel CharactersEdit

Character Information
Wolverine (Laura Kinney)

"Ugh, damn it!" - Lose Quote

A cold and sarcastic female clone of the original Wolverine, Laura Kinney was created to be a merciless killing machine. Thankfully she escaped this life with the help of the first Wolverine and the X-Men, and under their tutelage, became a hero in her own right. Now thrust into a position of leadership, Laura will have to keep her temper under control for the sake of both factions. Laura's rival is Aurora, as the two are both the leaders of their groups and therefore they clash over how to handle the situation. In battle, Laura is a glass cannon who can do a lot of damage in little time, but relies on getting in and out due to her up-close fighting style that uses all six of her claws.

  • Neutral Special: Healing Factor - Wolverine stands completely still, panting and huffing. Although she has to be completely immobile, this will slowly refill her health bar until she gets hit or starts moving again.
  • Side Special: Claw Kick - Wolverine reveals her foot claw and spins around, slashing the opponent. This has a slow startup but does a lot of damage.
  • Up Special: Stab Grab - Wolverine thrusts her fist upwards. No, it's not just an obscene gesture, as connecting it with an opponent will result in her ejecting her claws, stabbing them and holding them in midair. It's not easy to pull off, but takes away a chunk of life and will make opponents bleed, which quickly drains their health bar for a short period of time.
  • Down Special: Adamantium Tackle - Wolverine jumps forward with a growl. If she misses, she'll slide across the ground helplessly, but hitting the opponent will result in her pinning down the enemy to claw them at at a fast pace.
  • Destruction Attack: X Strike - Wolverine uppercuts the opponent, launching them into the air. She then jumps up and slashes them over and over in slow motion to do heavy damage over time before the both of them fall to the ground. This gives the opponent the bleed status effect.
  • Assist Move: Slash Dive - Wolverine dives down from one of the top corners of the screen, clawing frantically as she does so.
Jessica Jones

"Asshole." - Lose Quote A private investigator and vigilante, Jessica Jones has never had an easy life. After losing her family as a child in an incident that gave her superpowers, she had turbulent teenage years before becoming a somewhat well adjusted adult. This was all changed when a villain with mind control powers known as Kilgrave used and raped her for an extended period of time, which was finally ended by her snapping his neck. This trauma lead to her becoming cold and aggressive. Now roped into an adventure alongside her friends Luke Cage and Danny Rand, she finds her rival in Queen Mallory, who reminds her of Kilgrave. Jessica acts as this game's balanced fighter, being well-rounded. Her standard attacks utilize punches, kicks, charges, and other shows of brute force.

  • Neutral Special: Wrist Breaker - Jessica juts her hand forward, normally doing nothing. If an opponent uses a melee attack on her while this special is activated though, she'll catch their hand and snap their wrist, stopping the move and doing decent damage.
  • Side Special: Power Punch - Jessica pulls her arm back before punching hard, letting out an angry growl. This takes a while to do, but does heavy damage and will launch the opponent off-screen, forcing the other player to switch characters. If the player holds it, it'll do additional damage but take even longer.
  • Up Special: High Jump - Jessica jumps high into the air, which can be used for powerful aerial combos. Unfortunately, she's rendered useless while falling to the ground.
  • Down Special: Stunning Shockwave - Jessica smashes her fist into the ground. It has no range, but will do massive damage and stun nearby opponents on the ground.
  • Destruction Attack: Triple Hitter - Jessica grabs the opponent by the throat and slams them into the ground, causing them to bounce back up. She then swings a wooden chair into their side, before picking up a car and slamming it into them to send them soaring into the air. Each strike does increasingly more damage.
  • Assist Move: Shotgun! - Jessica hops onto the stage and pulls out a shotgun, firing it at the opponent. It has low range but does a good amount of damage.

Fantendo CharactersEdit

Character Information

"Fera..." - Lose Quote

A Boltzmann University graduate who's been a frequent player in many Fantendoverse events, though the main star in only one previous outing. Temporarily away from her beloved girlfriend Fera, Aurora ends up becoming the leader of the Fantendoverse heroes. This will put her laid-back nature and restrained anger to the test.

Aurora's rival is Wolverine, as the two are both the leaders of their groups and therefore they clash over how to handle the situation. Although she has low speed, her attack power is high in addition to her excelling at melee and aerial combat. Her normal attacks utilize her extendable Grasshopper Blade.

  • Neutral Special: Colorful Fireball - Aurora randomly shoots one of seven fireballs with both hands, each of which does mild damage and causes a different temporary status effect. Red makes the opponent bleed, orange decreases their damage output, yellow stuns them, green disables special moves, blue freezes them, indigo decreases their damage resistance, and violet poisons them.
  • Side Special: Warrior Charge - Aurora charges forward, shoulder first. If she misses, she’ll fall down and be stunned for a few seconds, but if it connects the opponent will take hefty damage and be knocked back.
  • Up Special: Grasshopper Helicopter - Aurora spins her Grasshopper Blade at high speeds, allowing her to float up. Enemies in her path will take rapid damage.
  • Down Special: Blade Bounce - Aurora bounces on her sword like a pogo stick. This allows her to cancel ranged attacks and deal damage from above.
  • Destruction Attack: Slow Down - Aurora uses her Catalyst powers to slow down time before vaulting into the air with her weapon. She takes it along for the ride and does a single ultra powerful vertical slice on the opponent as she falls down.
  • Assist Move: Rainbow Beam - Aurora jumps in and fires a slow moving but strong rainbow beam that will bounce across the stage before hitting an opponent or disappearing.
Queen Mallory

"Insolent fool!" - Lose Quote

The current queen of the Zaxinian Lifts, Mallory is a vile despot with no concern for the health and happiness of others. Having taken over from the last benevolent ruler, she’s currently engaged in a war with the realm’s resistance. Although outwardly well-mannered, in private she’s a vicious control freak who murders, raids, and rapes as she pleases. This time, she finds a new ally in Elektra, who she believes can give her access to something that will guarantee a victory.

Mallory’s rival is Jessica Jones, who she views as nothing more than an insignificant Earthling. Surprisingly swift for her height and weight, Mallory’s greatest asset is her wide range of abilities. Unfortunately, the queen’s aforementioned size also makes her an easy target. Her standard attacks employ her spiked Mind Weaver staff.

  • Neutral Special: Load - Mallory juts her Mind Weaver forward. If it touches a ranged attack, it’ll hold it until she wants to fire it back at the opponent by using the special again.
  • Side Special: Master of Puppets - Mallory fires a slow purple energy blast from her weapon. Upon contact with the opponent, they’ll be frozen in place before taking decent damage and being released.
  • Up Special: Ride the Lightning - Mallory uses stored magic to teleport upwards before slowly and gracefully floating down. Although useful, it takes a while to activate.
  • Down Special: Hardwired... To Self-Destruct - After cackling, Mallory places down an invisible mine. The player will have to be careful, as she can be hurt by it, but if an opponent touches it they’ll trigger a powerful explosion that packs damage and knockback.
  • Destruction Attack Kill 'Em All - Mallory whistles to summon an army of Hene clones. They stampede over the opponent, doing a small amount of damage with each stomp that adds up over time. By the end of it, her foe will be temporarily stunned.
  • Assist Move: St. Anger - Mallory boosts the active character's attack power temporarily with dark magic, letting out a somewhat ridiculous evil laugh.





Character InteractionsEdit

Warzones introduces brief interactions before a match between every playable character.