EPISODE SCRIPT BY: Mariothemovie

[Show intro plays: featuring the show's main theme along with the team members, including Peira Noid, Mason, Lucazs, Savant the Goetian, Tucker, Dennis, Light, David, Aingeru, Hayden, and Aiden.]

Ismail: - The episode starts here!

[Mason is seen playing a game on his computer, while Peira sleeps on the couch behind him. David, Aingeru, and Ismail are seen to the left playing video games on a system similar to the NES.]

Mason: - I'm about to save the lives of ten trillion people! *pounds on keyboard*

Ismail: - And, take that! AHAHAHAHA!

David: - NOOOOO!

[Peira gets up and yawns.]

Mason: - Good morning, baby.

Peira: - Shut up.

Ismail: - Oh, you're right! If we're too loud, we may attract some you-know-what's!

David: - I'm still not used to this succubus hunting thing. Can't we install a radar or something!

[Mason leaps out of his chair.]

Mason: - WOOHOO!

Aingeru: - I shall now assume that you rescued ten trillion people.

Mason: - Yes! I've been working on that game for hours. I'm doing a no-save run! Whatever, now that I've beaten it, I should save!

[The power suddenly shuts off. Mason falls on his knees, then pounds on the ground.]


Ismail: - I feel your pain, bro.

[Leetdoom walks into the room, holding a clipboard.]

Leetdoom: - *ahem* HAI GUIZ. I'm Leetdoom.

Mason: - Who the hell are you? Don't you see that now isn't the time!?

Ismail: - How did you get in our base?

Leetdoom: - No u. It seems like Lilith has taken away your ELECTRICISM.

Peira: - How exactly would you know that? Or who Queen Lilith is?

Leetdoom: - Hold your suspicions, I'm also in search of the evil queen. I actually came here to join your group!

Ismail: - Hm... You seem quite trustable! You're in!

David: - THAT looks trustable!? He never even answered how he got in!

Mason: - Oh, come on, David, don't you think he at least seems a little cool?

Peira: - He doesn't seem like the kind of guy who would annoy you over and over again about the same problem!

[Studio audience laughs.]

David: - *sigh* Okay, I guess.

Mason: - Okay! Now, let us get the forms for the thing!

Leetdoom: - Oh yeah, one more thing...

[Leetdoom stands still and puts his arms out to his side. The electricity turns back on.]

Ismail: - Whoa, Leet! You're awesome!

Leetdoom: - Or am I?

[The same scene shown at the beginning of the episode is shown again. Mason is seen playing a game on his computer, while Peira sleeps on the couch behind him. David, Aingeru, and Ismail are seen to the left playing video games on a system similar to the NES. Leetdoom is sitting on the arm of the couch, writing on his clipboard.]

Mason: - Hours and hours of precious not-saved-data! I have to do it all over again! And, look, f***ing look! The citizens of my town are protesting against me! What do I do!? I can't shoot lightning bolts, I'm out of PP!

David: - What game are you even playing?

Mason: - I can't tell you, we didn't buy the rights for it.

Leetdoom: - You're an interesting group of people. You should play Ep** B*ttl* F*nt*s* 3!

Mason: - Nah. I'm busy right now.

Leetdoom: - Will you today?????

Mason: - Great, the emulator froze. Fml.

Leetdoom: - You didn't answer my question?????

Mason: - I don't know, probably not, but not right now.

Leetdoom: - Play it soon!

Mason: - Okay.

Aingeru: - You made my kart explode!

Ismail: - Ha!

David: - This is for earlier! Hah!

Ismail: - NOOOO!!!

Mason: - What game are you even playing?

Aingeru: - It's-

[The power goes out again. Mason slams his head on the desk.]

Mason: - Half an hour of precious not-saved-data! All gone!

Ismail: - Leet, do your thing!

Leetdoom: No u. I ain't gettin' nowhere if she's gonna keep switching it off.

[Peira gets up.]

Peira: - How does she power it off? Is she somewhere in this house?

[Leetdoom's face is zoomed in on.]

Leetdoom: - POSSIBLY.

Mason: - Screw this. Let's go look for her.

Leetdoom: - Yes, we must. It is our destiny.

Peira: - You're starting to creep me out.

Ismail: - Uh, so, Peira, Mason, and Aingeru go in one group while me, David and Leet will go in the other.

David: - Got it!

Mason: - Yes, I'm with Peira!

Peira: - Ugh. Where do we even search?

Aingeru: - Meh.

Leetdoom: - AFFIRMATIVE.

Ismail: - Team Ismail will go to the right hallway with the kitchen and stuff, and we'll search through the vents. Team Peira-

Mason: - I demand we be called Team Peirason.

Ismail: - Team...what?

Mason: - You know, our shipping name?

Ismail: - Uh... The other team will go to the left hallway and search in the bedrooms and stuff. Got it?

All: - Yeah!

Ismail: - Move out!

[The groups split up into separate rooms.]

Leetdoom: - And they didn't suspect a thing that night.

Ismail: - The to be continued?

[The Ending Theme plays, showing the main characters.]

Ismail: - Hey, it's Ismail! Next time on The Adventures of Ismail, we'll learn the truth about the mysterious Leetdoom! An all-out battle for life or death begins! Stay tuned for the next episode, Stay tuned for "no u pt 2"!

Leetdoom: - No u.