EPISODE SCRIPT BY:SuperMarioBro64 (Talk)

Ismail: Hey, does anyone have any bug spray?

Mason: I think so, why? What is it?

Ismail: These spider-looking things are everywhere!

Peira: Well, that's your problem.

Ismail: ...I don't think this is very normal.... These spiders don't look like spiders at all...

Mason: Maybe it could be a different kind of spider?

[Ismail turns to Mason.]

Ismail: I don't think so.... These things are everywhere, not just here.

[Ismail turns back around.]


[Ismail smacks the spider.]

[Show intro plays: featuring the show's main theme along with the team members, including Peira Noid, Mason, Lucazs, Savant the Goetian, Tucker, Dennis, Light, David, and Aingeru.]

Aingeru: Hey, does anyone hear that?

David: Hear what?

Aingeru: Nevermind, I thought I heard something.


David: Whoa! I think there's something outside.

[They all step outside to see two boys fighting a giant creature.]

Hayden: Aiden! Cover me!

Aiden: Okay, bro!

[Aiden uses a magic shield to cover Hayden, while he attacks.]

Hayden: HIIYAA!

Ismail: Should we help them?

Peira: They're fine...

[The creature smacks Hayden and knocks him out.]

Aiden: Oh man!

[The creature walks towards Aiden, about to strike.]

Ismail: Ahhhhh!

[Ismail kicks the giant creature, where it runs away.]

Ismail: Uh... You okay?

Aiden: Yeah... I don't know about my brother though.

Ismail: We can let him rest at our place. Do you know what's going on?

Aiden: Yeah, but it's a long story, I'll explain.

[The team then arrives at their base.]

Aiden: Okay, so there's this evil force that's trying to kill my brother and I, and it sends monsters out to get us. Well, it created these spider-like creatures called Darkmites, which try to latch on to your head and control your body. That beast we were fighting, was the queen.

Ismail: So that explains all of the, um... "Darkmites" that are all over the place, but how do we defeat them?

Aiden: They can be defeated easily, but the Darkmite Queen is a real challenge. To be honest, we uh... haven't actually figured out its weakness. We've just been attacking it randomly.

Mason: Well there should be a weak spot somewhere! Almost all monsters have one!

Ismail: Mason is right, but we need to destroy that thing before it causes any real damage.

Hayden: Wuh... huh?

Peira: Oh great... he's awake.

Aiden: I was telling them about our.. uh... dilemma.

Hayden: Well, I'm awake! Let's fight it, right now!

Aingeru: I guess he just needed some rest!

[They all look to where they last saw the queen.]

Ismail: Where did it go?

Aingeru: I think it went over there.

[Aingeru points to a cave, on top of a mountain.]

Hayden: It's a start.

[They all begin to climb to the top of the mountain.]

Ismail: This may be it, I can hear something...

[A screaching sound can be heard, but they walk in anyway.]

Mason: Aw... This place smells like terrible!

Peira: Yeah, it smells like a big pile of-

Ismail: Wait! What's that?

[Glowing red eyes can be seen.]

Hayden: I bet that's it.

Aiden: Yup.

[They all get ready, then the Darkmite Queen jumps and attacks.]

Mason: This thing smells worse than the cave!

Hayden: Tell me about it!

[The Darkmite Queen then summons many Darkmites.]

Aiden: Watch out! Remember it can control your body!

Hayden: How about a little fire?

[Hayden uses his fire powers to burn them, while Aiden smashes them by creating a giant hand with his staff.]

Ismail: These guys are pretty good!

Peira: Yeah yeah, less talking, more fighting!

Aingeru: There's too many of them!

David: Maybe if we take out the queen, the others might die!

Hayden: Yeah, that should work.

Aiden: We'll fight off the Darkmites, Ismail, you should defeat the queen!

[Ismail nods towards them.]

Ismail: Okay, let's do this.

[Ismail attacks the Darkmite Queen, but his attacks do no harm.]

Ismail: Where's the weak spot on this thing?!

Aingeru: Wait! I see a red spot on its stomach! Maybe that's it!

Ismail: Alright th-

[A Darkmite sneaks up on Ismail and begins controlling his body.]

Ismail: Augh!

Aiden: Ismail! No!

[Everything goes black.]

[Ismail finds himself in a black room.]

Ismail: Where am I?

Ismail: Hello? Anyone?

[A Darkmite appears, and begins to scutter away.]

Ismail: Hey! Come back here!

Ismail: Wait, what is that?

[A screen appears, showing Ismail's possessed body, fighting the team.]

Ismail: That stupid bug is making me fight my friends!

[The Darkmite looks at him, and makes a weird laughing sound.]

Ismail: Grrr.....

[Ismail smashes the Darkmite, and then he is able to return to his body, finding himself about to hit David.]

David: Ismail! What's gotten into you?!

Ismail: Wait, what?

Aiden: Like I said, the Darkmite was controlling him.

David: Ohh...

Ismail: I know how to defeat it! I need you guys to keep those Darkmites away from me.

[They nod, and begin to cover Ismail.]

Ismail: Raaaaaaaaahh!

[Ismail runs, and then punches the weak spot on the Darkmite Queen before it could even hesitate.]


[The queen explodes into green goo, as well as the other Darkmites.]

Mason: Eeew... gross!

Hayden: Ismail! You did it!

Ismail: Hey, you and your brother seem like skilled fighters. How about joining our team?

Hayden and Aiden: Sure!

Ismail: Welcome to the team!


The show's ending theme plays here.