[Show intro plays: featuring the show's main theme along with the team members, including Peira Noid, Mason, Lucazs, Savant the Goetian, Tucker, Dennis, Light, David, and Aingeru.]


[Everyone wakes up.]

Ismail: - Why are we back in the hotel?

Peira: - Aw, gross, I slept next to Mason!

Mason: - :3

Aingeru: - The door's locked.

Ismail: - The door, locked?

Peira: - OH GOD NO!!! My clothes are in the car!

Mason: - :3

Tucker: - ...

Ismail: - What do we do?

Tucker: - We could bust the door down.

[Peira grabs the couch.]

Peira: - Somebody give me a hand with this?

Ismail: - Sure thing.

[Peira and Ismail slam the door with the couch, only to be knocked back.]

Ismail: - It's made of metal.

Peira: - rrrghhhhhh

Ismail: - that Valdrika?

Peira: - Valdrika, what the hell do you want?

Valdrika: - Your all going to die.

Peira: - You can't put up a fight.

Valdrika: - But a bomb can. Listen, the entire hotel's going to blow in a few mintutes.

Tucker: - Well, that's bad.

Peira: - RRRghhhhhh

Ismail: - What can we do?

Valdrika: - Die.

Peira: - There isn't another option?

Valdrika: - No.

Peira: - *Grabs Valdrika* Listen, I do not want to die with that man *points to Mason* at my side, so your going to kill us later. Right now, your going to get us out of here.

Valdrika: - There isn't anything I can do though. Look outside.

[Everyone looks out the window, to see Lilth on a lawn chair, waiting for the hotel to explode.]

Valdrika: - If she doesn't get a hotel exploding, I loose my job and she's going to be on our tails, going to kill us whenever possible.

Mason: - Are you the good guy or not?

Valdrika: - *smirks* I don't know.

Peira: - If she wants to see a hotel explode so bad, why doesn't she just go to a Micheal Bay movie then?

Valdrika: - *shrugs* See ya, peeps.

Aingeru: - What if we faked our deaths?

Valdrika: - No good either.

Peira: - I'm am not going to die with him. *shudders*

Mason: - Don't worry! I'm going to die with you!

Valdrika: - *vanishes*

Peira: - Wait, I got a idea. Do we have a working phone?

Ismail: - No.

Peira: - Good. I need the radio.

Tucker: - What the hell are you going to do with the radio?

Peira: - I can relay the car radio and open a portal to the outside. I need a succbus though.

Ismail: - Now wait a second! I thought you were one!

Peira: - Ummm...

Tucker: - Hmm... how do we get Valdrika back in then?

Mason: - We still have her soul necklace! We can offer a trade!

Ismail: - But the souls in there! We'll never set them free...

Mason: - We'll have to get them later. Our own lives are on the line.

Valdrika: - *reappears* Did someone mention soul necklaces?

Mason: - Yes. Here's your stupid soul necklaces.

Peira: - *grabs Valdrika's hand* Here, put your hand on the radio.

Valdrika: - Oh, how charming.

Peira: - You wait like everyone else, pal. *sets Valdrika's hand on fire, opening the portal*

Valdrika: - I'm done, see ya!

[Everyone enters through the portal into the car.]

Peira: - Well, Lilth.

Lilth: - Give me the soul necklaces, Valdrika.

Valdrika: - Here. *tosses soul necklaces*

Lilth: - Excellent. Grerth.

[Peira, Tucker, Ismail and Aingeru all get sucked into the soul necklaces.]

Valdrika: - You forgot one!

Mason: - no you didn't.

Lilith: - Well it appears I hav... hey!

[Mason grabs the soul necklaces.]

Mason: - I'll smash these!

Lilith: - You wouldn't.

[Mason smashes the soul necklaces and proceeds to royally own Lilith.]

Surge and Lady Fortune: - Thanks for rescuing us, Mason.

Mason: - No problem!

[Episode ends panning out with people talking, but a koopa shell is seen scuttling away.]