[Show intro plays: featuring the show's second main theme along with the team members, including Peira Noid, Mason, Lucazs, Savant the Goetian, Tucker, Dennis, Light, David, Aiden, Hayden and Aingeru.]


[Peira is checking her mail.]

Peira: - Why do I have so many bills?

[Peira holds up a gold-colored letter.]

Peira: - What is this? *opens it*

Letter: - Dear Peira, this is the demon lord Xantos.

Peira: - Oh, this should be good. *rolls eyes*

Letter: - I ask you to marry me on the 23rd of August. I have picked you out a dress and all you have to do is be at the ceremony.

Peira: - As if! I choose who I want to marr-

Letter: - Since I know you are probably not going to agree to go with the plan, I have put in a hypnotic gas that will start going into effect 30 seconds after opening this letter.

Peira: - rrrry. I should probably get ready! Wedding's tomorrow!

Mason: - Wedding?

Peira: - Yeah, silly! It's been known for weeks!

Mason: - ...oh. *gets depressed*

Peira: - Well see you, friend!

Mason: - ...friend?

Peira: - Can't barely wait! In fact, I'll go to sleep right now! Tell the others, Mason!

Mason: - ...sure.

[The next day...]

Peira: - See you guys later! I'm going to get my dress.

Ismail: - But Peira! Lilth is...

Peira: - Consider it my day off. It's my wedding, and you guys can do it without me.

[Peira walks off, and leaves the base.]

Ismail: - No, we can't.

Mason: - It's her wedding....

Ismail: - I have the feeling it's someone else's, if you catch my drift.

Mason: - Why does it even matter? She's left. She probably already put on the dress.

Ismail: - We've got to figure out what's happening. Do you know who's she's getting married to?

Mason: - I don't know. Lets look through her mail.

Ismail: - Why does she have so many bills?

Mason: - Beats me. Hey, a golden letter!

Ismail: - Oooo... shiny.

Mason: - *reads letter*

Ismail: - she...

Mason: - Lets get to the wedding!

Ismail: - The hell is wrong with you?

Mason: - Nothing! What's wrong with you?

Ismail: - You're really eager to get to this wedding, much like Peira... although seconds ago you were moping about how Peira never really even got to know you.

Mason: - That's fool's talk! Let's go!

Ismail: - Alright, sure.

[Later, at the chapel...]

Ismail: - Valdrika? Constant? Vinncubus? What are you all doing here?

Valdrika: - Going to the wedding! It's only proper.

Ismail: - But Vinncubus was from a dream... is this a dream?

Vinncubus: - No. Now sit down and let them exchange the vows.

Ismail: - Your really pushy. Mason?

[Mason turns his head 360]

Mason: - Yes?