[Show intro plays: featuring the show's main theme along with the team members, including Peira Noid, Mason, Lucazs, Savant the Goetian, Tucker, Dennis, Light, David, and Aingeru.]


[A couple of footsteps made by Tucker, Mason, and Ismail imprint into the sand. They are at the beach.]

Peira Noid: - Hey guys, wait up!

Mason: - Woah...

Peira Noid: - ...what?

Mason: - Nothing.

Tucker: - Wait a second, why are we on a beach again?

Ismail: - Uhh... I guess there's demons here or something.

Mason: - Any reason's good enough for me!

Peira: - See you guys later, I'm going to get a tan.

Mason: - I'll take one too!

[Peira makes a disgusted face, but lays the towel on the sand anyway. Ismail and Tucker walk on the beach, looking for a good spot to get in the water.]

Valdrika: - Oh hey, do I know you two?

Tucker: - Maybe...

Ismail: - No.

Valdrika: - Well that's a shame, because I like you two.

[Ismail walks away, while Tucker stands there like a idiot talking to Valdrika. Meanwhile, on the towels...]

Peira: - Crap, I forgot my book.

Mason: - Just go up and get it.

Valdrika: - I can't, the straps are off and I can't reconnect them until the tan's done.

Mason: - Why not?

Peira: - It's high tech s'bleep. It has a built in timer and crap. Can you just go get it?

Mason: - I could, but then I would wreck my tan.

Peira: - Your insufferable. Agh... if I could get up, I would so strangle you.

Mason: - I wouldn't mind that.

Peira: - *blushes and then reverts back to a pissed off state* Ugh, you are such a pervert.

[Lilith, standing in the shadow of a palm tree, laughs.]

Lilth: - Haha, they're wasting their time here! They don't even know I'm here!

Aingeru: - Hi.

Lilth: - Who are you?

Aingeru: - An angel.

Lilth: - I can't see that, but maybe you could show me?

Aingeru: - ...heheh.

Lilth: - Gorth de vorpus!

[Aingeru is suddenly sucked in Lilth's soul necklace.]

Lilth: - I'll have fun with you later. Let's see if Valdrika is making any progress. *walks over to Valdrika*

Lilth: - How are you doing?

Valdrika: - Oh, I just met him. Isn't he cute?

Tucker: - Nice friend you got there.

Lilth: - Yes, what a cute friend you have.

Valdrika: - In fact, maybe you, Tucker and me could...

Tucker: - Sure.

Valdrika: - Ok!

[Valdrika gets up and goes to the bathroom, where Tucker follows. Meanwhile, back on the towels.]

Peira: - Tucker's a idiot.

Mason: - What, you wanted him to score with someone else?

Peira: - Your a idiot too.

Mason: - ...hey!

Peira: - He's "scoring" with a succubus.

Mason: - ...and that's bad how?

Peira: - He's going to get his soul sucked out or something bad. Where's Ismail?

Mason: - I don't know.

Peira: - Your realllll helpful.

[Peira's bikini straps re-lock.]

Peira: - Finally! I'll be right back.

Mason: - And I'll be right back here.

Peira: - ...yeah okay. *runs off*

Peira: - Ismail!

Peira: - Ismail!

Peira: - Ugh, where is he?

[Peira runs around wildly, and then bumps into Ismail, who accidentally puts his hands on her hips.]

Peira and Ismail: - Uh... *detach from each other*

Peira: - Ismail, Tucker's currently boning Valdrika, a succubus.

Ismail: - Don't call random people the s word!

Peira: - No, I know she's one. And if we don't stop her, he's going to get his soul sucked out or worse!

Ismail: - Well, crap. What do we do?

Peira: - Ummm... I thought you would have a plan. Ismail: - You can't interrupt a succubus while she's doing it. Tucker's good as gone, unless we grab her soul necklace or something.

Peira: - I got someone who can do that.

Ismail: - Who?

[Ismail and Peira walk over to Mason.]

Mason: - Hey... baby.

Ismail: - Do you think you can get near a hot chick?

Mason: - ...yeah.

Peira: - He doesn't mean me.

Mason: - ...still.

Ismail: - Alright, when a chick wearing a black and purple bikini steps out, I want you to snatch her necklace.

Mason: - Cool.

[Mason gets up and heads over to the bathrooms.]

Valdrika: - Ohai.

Mason: - What were you doing in the men's room?

Valdrika: - I have... um... specific needs.

Mason: - What kind of specific needs?

Valdrika: - If you want I could show you...

Mason: - Sure.

Valdrika: - Just follow me back in, I guess.

[Mason goes into the bathroom, and Valdrika locks the door and sits on the sink counter.]

Mason: - Now, you got to take of your clothes.

Valdrika: - Well, your demanding.

[Valdrika takes off her necklace.]

Mason: - I'll hold that.

Valdrika: - Go ahead.

[Valdrika takes off her top and we cut back to Ismail and Peira.]

Peira: - He's an idiot. We should have sent you.

Ismail: - I'm sure he's doing fine... hey wait a second! There's Lilth!

Peira: - Ismail!!!

[Ismail runs off to where Lilth is.]

Ismail: - Well hello, Lilth.

Lilth: - Well, if it isn't Kenny. Go run back to your turtle friends, why don't you?

Peira (in distance): - Ismail?

Ismail: - My name's not Kenny... what are you even talking about?

Lilth: - You don't remember do you?

Ismail: - No... *reaches for necklace*

Lilth: - Figures... *is punched*

Ismail: - *grabs necklace* I don't know what your talking about, but I'll be taking this.

Lilth: - Might as well. I'll want it back.

Ismail: - Your not getting it back.

Lilth: - Then you'll have to fight me then...

Aingeru: - Hello again. *sends a green flame after Lilth.

Lilth: - *vanishes*

Ismail: - I just pressed the necklace with my palm... I had no idea you were in there.

Aingeru: - I know who is though.

Ismail: - Who?

Aingeru: - Surge, Lady Fortune, and someone who refused to give out their name.

Ismail: - Huh. Here you go. *tosses necklace*

Aingeru: - Is that Peira over there?

Ismail: - Yeah.

Aingeru: - Heh. The tie really completes everything.

Mason: - I got the necklace! I'm also a man now!

Tucker: - So am I!

Peira: - Ugh. Let's just go to the hotel. I've had enough from you perverts.

[They get in the car and head to the hotel.]

Valdrika: - Lilth, are you alright?

Lilth: - Don't worry, they can't do anything but hurt themselves. Good thing you brought a empty soul necklace.

Valdrika: - ...yeah.

Lilth: - They do know Peira's not a real demon right?

Valdrika: - No. *smirks*