Diamond Fighters is a 2D fighting game and umbrella developed by Inora and .scatteredreams (Talk) for the V² in 2018. The game is a reboot of Inora's previous Diamond Fighters game. Like its predecessor, Diamond Fighters features a large and varied roster, a diverse assortment of modes, and a fully voice acted, cinematic heavy story mode. The title focuses on the Diamondverse, where characters from different media have always coexisted, with its inhabitants teaming up to battle Thanos and the Black Order.

The game was revealed with a cinematic trailer shortly before its release. Reception for the game has been (TBA).

Story Mode: Infinity ConquestEdit

An independent team of superheroes known as A-Force have defended the innocent for years. Now faced with a rival organization run by S.H.I.E.L.D. called the Suicide Squad, the two factions instantly clash because of their radically different philosophies. They'll have to put their feud aside though, with the arrival of the immensely dangerous Thanos and his Black Order threatening all life!

The full story mode can be found here.


Diamond Fighters is a 3 vs. 3 fighting game with a weight and pace similar to the Injustice series. Players build a team and must duke it out with regular attacks, specials, their own unique mechanics, blocking, and Diamond Attacks. Specials work in a way identical to the Super Smash Bros. series, with each one being mapped to the same controls for each character and corresponding to a different direction.

Diamond Attacks are separated into three tiers, which are powered by a Diamond Bar on the hud. This is filled with Diamond Points when players successfully attack, block, and rack up combos. Players can switch characters at any time and summon them at the cost of some Diamond Points to have them do one of their specials randomly. Inactive characters will also slowly rengerate health.

The game's stages feature interactive environments, stage hazards, and multiple areas. If a player is hit with a heavy attack near a corner of the arena, it launches them, triggering a transition animation and taking the fight to a new section of the stage. Stages also feature objects that characters can interact with differently, being able to use them in combat or to move around the stage. Players can also turn off these elements or fight in one part of a stage only.

Besides the standard Versus mode, Arcade has players choosing three characters from one of the teams and going through several matches and occasionally minigames like target breaking, racing, or Sandbag Smash in a random order. Some of these matches are unique, such as battles with groups of enemies or larger, more powerful versions of characters. At the end of an Arcade playthrough, the team must defeat Master Hand to win. Players can play this mode normally or use several special borders, such as an arcade game cabinet, that are unlockable or can be purchased. These are purely cosmetic.

Story Mode: Infinity Conquest is split into 25 chapters. Each chapter includes several segments as well as cutscenes advancing the plot. These parts range from beat 'em up sections where characters progress through a stage, matches both regular and special, and climactic boss battles. Completing this mode unlocks Infinity Wars, where players select an Infinity Stone to alter the battle.

There's Power, which doubles the strength of both trios. Then Time, which either makes the two teams half as fast or twice as fast. Then Soul, where each character can be taken out in a single hit. Then Space, which decreases the gravity on the stage for higher jumps. Then Reality, where characters randomly recieve boosts or negative effects. Lastly, Mind causes everyone to constantly lose health throughout the match.

Another extra mode is Friends with Benefits. Teams of two must battle it out to fill Tension Bars. Once they're full, the team can have sex in a rhythm minigame. This will boost their stats for the rest of the match. Not all characters are compatible though, given different sexualities.

Sandbag Smash is a minigame players must try to send Sandbang flying away. Mash the attack button to fill a gauge up and then quickly tap the block button to knock it into the air. Players can try to beat their own record, their friends' records, or compete on an online leaderboard.  Card Clash is a 1 vs. 1 mode where both characters are dealt a deck of five modifier cards from their collection. These can be themed around characters, bosses, enemies, and other NPCs.

The array of cards can be expanded at the Collector's Shop, a mode where players spend their hard-earned coins from various other modes. He provides...unique commentary while selling the aforementioned cards as well as alternate costumes, stages, music, and Arcade mode borders. Lastly, the Vault holds the game's settings and a number of extras. Players can view models, cards, sex sequences, and cutscenes or listen to tracks they've unlocked and purchased.


The game's roster is split up into eight teams of varying sizes. So far, there are 5/40 characters.


Formed by Peggy Carter and Barbara Gordon after they split off from S.H.I.E.L.D., A-Force is an all-female superhero team that works to protect Earth and the universe as a whole from all kinds of danger.

Character Description
Captain America

"Captain Carter, reporting for duty!" - Start Quote

The no-nonsense leader of A-Force. Margaret “Peggy” Carter is a British spy who was recruited by the American Strategic Scientific Reserve during World War II as a test subject for Project Rebirth, a project intended to create an army of super soldiers for the Allied forces in order to combat the Axis Powers’ science division, HYDRA. She was given the moniker of "Captain America", becoming a beloved freedom fighter who ended up frozen for 70 years after she sacrificed herself in order to stop HYDRA's dangerous leader, Red Skull.

Awoken in the modern day by S.H.I.E.L.D., Peggy worked for them for a time before she left because she disagreed with their methods. As serious and brave as ever, Peggy finds it hard to adapt to the modern world. She often clashes with the other members of the team, but does care about them deeply. Besides fighting for A-Force, she's also searching for the Winter Soldier, who was once her close friend Angie Martinelli. Alongside her enhanced physique, Peggy has an extremely durable vibranium shield that she uses. In battle, she's a balanced character perfect for new players, with her standard attacks utilizing brute force.

Standard Special
American Way
Cap charges forward with her shield, slamming it into her foes. This can also deflect projectiles.

Side Special
Gun Blast
Cap draws a handgun and fires it. Each bullet is pretty fast and strong, but she can only fire one before having to reload.

Up Special
Stars & Stripes
Cap tilts her shield up and jumps into the air, knocking her opponents off their feet.

Down Special
Spangled Cartwheel
Cap performs a cartwheel to avoid attacks and then follows it up with an uppercut that uses her shield

Tier 1
Rallying Cry
Peggy rushes forward with her shield. If she makes contact with an opponent, Cap will smack the opponent with her shield which will hurl them into the middle of the stage. From there, she will deliver a series of strong kicks, punches, and shield smacks. After a few seconds of barraging the opponent, Cap will smash them into the ground.

Tier 2
Motorbike Madness
Peggy jumps on top of her motorcycle and drives forward, ramming into the enemy. This triggers a powerful explosion, which she narrowly escapes with a flip.

Tier 3
All-Out Warfare
Peggy whistles, summoning a Quinjet which flies towards her and her enemy. She jumps through the air, dodging it, before it crashes into the opponent and blows up. After this, she falls to the ground.

Batgirl final lr by artgerm

"This should be easy." - Start Quote

The daughter of Commissioner James Gordon of the Gotham City Police Department, known for her aggressive behavior and snarky sense of humor. Barbara Gordon was once Batgirl, a sidekick to the Gotham vigilante known as the Batman before her career was cut short by a brutal attack from the Joker, a notorious criminal. The attack left her paralyzed from the waist down. She operated as a hacker known as Oracle for a time, acting as an ally to many major superheroes.

Years later, an advanced surgery repaired her legs, with her passing the mantle down to her close friend Alysia Yeoh. With Batman having retired by then, she became Batwoman to take his place and protect Gotham. She's co-leader of A-Force, and often butts heads with Peggy, though the two are actually close friends. Barbara is both extremely fit and in possession of several useful gadgets. When it comes to gameplay, Barbara is a glass cannon that can dish out damage from afar or up-close with swift, often brutal martial arts attacks.

Standard Special
Batarang Toss
Batwoman throws a Batarang forward to strike opponents twice. These don't do much damage, but they're very fast, and she can have up to three going at one time.

Side Special
Scatter Bombs
Batwoman hurls a bunch of small explosives across the stage from her cape. These will explode upon impact with an opponent or after a few seconds.

Up Special
Soaring Cape
Batwoman soars into the air and then glides down with her cape. This is excellent for evading attacks or starting up air comboes, but she's useless while gliding. Thankfully, the player can use this again to stop gliding and simply fall down.

Down Special
Explosive Gel
Batwoman draws a bat on the ground with some explosive gel. By activating this move once more, she'll set off the gel, causing a rather devastating blast. This special is powerful, but it does require some set-up.

Tier 1
Batwoman soars into the air before landing in the driver's seat of the Batmobile, which is drove in off stage via remote control. Players can temporarily control this vehicle, using its jet boosters to navigate and its two cannons which fire slow but powerful rockets and weak but fast rubber bullets.

Tier 2
Batwoman grapples off-screen and resurfaces inside the Batwing. It flies in front of the stage and players can control its weapons, with a bat signal acting as its target reticle. From afar, they can fire the ship's powerful laser cannons on the stage without worry of being attacked.

Tier 3
Batwoman jumps off the stage and back onto it inside the Batbot, a massive mech. It combines the best of both of her other Diamond Attacks, protecting her from all harm and giving her laser cannons like the Batwing, but also having the Batmobile's rockets and jet boosters. The Batbot can also attack up-close with its powerful fists.

Ahsoka Tano

"I am no Jedi." - Start Quote

A wise and mature Togruta woman. Ahsoka Tano was once a plucky young apprentice to the great galactic hero known as Anakin Skywalker, the both of them members of the Jedi Order, which used a magical power known as the Force to keep peace in cooperation with S.H.I.E.L.D. After an incident where she came to not trust them, she left, while Anakin stayed behind. He was turned to evil by Sheev Palpatine, a manipulative politician who took over the world, disbanded S.H.I.E.L.D., and exterminated most of the Jedi.

Although Palpatine's Empire was destroyed by a rebellion that reinstated S.H.I.E.L.D., Anakin died in the process. Having survived because she had left before this, Ahsoka is haunted by the idea that she could've prevented it. She joined A-Force to atone for this perceived failing, which she's carried with her ever since. Ahsoka is strong but slow, and she excels at aerial combat. Her standard attacks use her two white lightsabers.

Standard Special
Lightsaber Throw
Ahsoka throws both of her lightsabers at the same time before using the Force to pull them back. This special isn't fast, but it hits hard.

Side Special
Force Push
Ahsoka thrusts her hands forward, knocking opponents back with the Force. The push does no damage, but it's still useful to get enemies off your back.

Up Special
Force Jump
Ahsoka jumps high into the air before quickly falling down. She can't do anything but steer herself while descending.

Down Special
Force Pull
Ahsoka pulls herself to the ground with the Force, feet first. This allows her to get around and kick opponents in her way. If used while on the ground, she'll simply dash forward.

Tier 1
Force Heal
Rather than attacking, Ahsoka uses her connection to the Force to regenerate a decent amount of her health, creating a white shield around her to prevent opponents from interrupting this.

Tier 2
Force Shatter
Ahsoka charges the Force into her hand and taps the opponent's chest, doing a solid amount of damage to them and sending them flying away.

Tier 3
Force Fleet
Ahsoka pulls several Black Order spaceships out of the sky with the Force and bombards the stage with them, dealing heavy damage to anyone hit by the spacecraft.


"I'm the Avatar...believe it or not." - Start Quote

Korra is the upbeat, if somewhat immature current incarnation of the mystical warrior known as the Avatar, the spiritual embodiment of balance and peace in the world, sworn to protect it. The Avatar has access to bending, a form of magic that utilizes the traditional elements. After learning how to bend all four elements, she moved on to fighting evil and protecting the innocent. Although she's undoubtedly powerful, she still has a lot to learn about life. As the youngest member of A-Force, Korra often receives guidance and mentoring from her teammates.

Although they disagree with each other on how to teach her and she occasionally resents how protective they can be, she's often the heart of the team and has a deep connection to each of them. Korra now has to juggle her inexperience, the Black Order's looming threat, and her complicated relationship with Suicide Squad member and childhood friend Asami. Her strength and speed are impressive, but her light weight allows her to easily be knocked around and juggled. Korra fights with martial arts.

Standard Special
Fire Fists
Korra punches up to three times, shooting off a ball of fire with each punch. These travel slowly, but will set the enemy on fire and do a good amount of damage.

Side Special
Earth Shield
Korra clenches her fist to create a stone wall in front of herself to block a few attacks before it crumbles. By using the special again, she'll hurl the wall at opponents as a projectile.

Up Special
Air Blast
Korra thrusts her hands upwards, sending a gust of wind that will toss enemies into the air. This is good for starting air combos, though it doesn't deal any damage.

Down Special
Water Tendrils
Korra summons two water tentacles that jut out of the ground next to her by raising her hands. She then throws her hands forwards to send them at opponents. They're fast, but don't do much damage.

Tier 1
Avatar State
Korra enters the Avatar State, causing her body to glow and her eyes to turn white. In this temporary form, all of Korra's stats are boosted.

Tier 2
Energy Bending
Korra touches her opponent's forehead, bending the energy inside them. This strips away their ability to attack for a period of time.

Tier 3
Spirit Destruction
Korra creates a vortex of negative energy. If the opponent gets caught in it, she'll bend their spirit, making their positive energy negative. This destroys their soul and instantly defeats them.

Android 18

"You seem pretty strong...but I'm stronger" - Start Quote

Android 18 is a confident and flirty Android. She was once a human delinquent named Lazuli before she and her brother Lapis where kidnapped by a mad scientist named Dr. Gero. The two where experimented on in order to become powerful Androids to be used against the legendary hero Goku. She and her brother would follow the mad scientist's wishes down to a tee, even when he treated them poorly. After one of Gero's other experiments, a powerful monster known as Cell, went mad with power, the two turned on their creator, killing him and allying with Goku and his friends to slay the other Android.

She joined A-Force to make up for her past, quickly earning the trust of the other women with her charming personality and combat skill. She is cocky and sarcastic, which she uses as a mask to hide the scars and regret of her past actions. She keeps her Android name as a reminder of all that she's done. Android 18 has the unique ability to constantly fly around the stage. Although she can be a powerful fighter, her playstyle is best suited for experienced players and takes a while to master due to her floatiness. Her standard attacks have her using her fists, occasionally charged with energy.

Standard Special
Destructo Disk
Android 18 puts her hand in the air and conjures up a powerful razor-sharp energy disk, firing it at the opponent. This attack is even capable of damaging opponents during the charging period.

Side Special
Finger Beam
Android 18 points her index finger forward, firing a beam of energy from her fingertip. Each blast is pretty fast and strong, but she can only do a few before the special has to cool down.

Up Special
Accel Strike
Android 18 quickly flies forward, becoming invisible before reappearing in front, behind, or above her foe and kicking them into the ground.

Down Special
Android Barrier
Android 18 throws out her arms, channeling her energy to conjure up an energy barrier that can be used to defend against oncoming projectiles and attacks. This takes a while to form.

Tier 1
Photon Strike
18 quickly vanishes and reappears in the air, charging up a large sphere of energy above her hand, before turning it into a beam of energy, which she fires down at the opponent.

Tier 2
Accel Dance
18 quickly flies at her opponent, as her twin brother, Android 17, appears on the other side of them. The two quickly preform a barrage of punches and kicks, before they fly up into the air and produce a bright light around their bodies, firing several yellow blasts down at the opponents. Android 17 will teleport away at the end of the move.

Tier 3
Sadistic 18
Android 18 smirks devilishly as she charges at the opponent and punches them up into the air. Then, she flies after the opponent to elbow them in their face, following it up with a roundhouse kick, which leads into her sweep kicking them. Next, she grabs the opponent by their leg and throws them down to the ground, where she teleports beside them and kicks them in the stomach, following it up with a finger blast to finish them off.

Sophitia Alexandra

"This is your last warning. Leave this place." - Start Quote

A gentle Greek girl with a kind and generous heart, Sophitia Alexandra was chosen by the god Hephaestus to destroy an evil blade known as the Soul Edge because of her purity. Gifted the holy Omega Sword, she embarked on her quest, one which was successful. Deciding to use her new strength to do good, she continued to fight villainy in whichever form it came. Throughout the years she also fell in love with a blacksmith and had two children, growing into a loving mother.

On one mission, she came into contact with the A-Force and decided to join them so she could better help the innocent. Sophitia's wisdom and kindness make her a valuable member of the team, though she does feel guilty about leaving her children so often to be a hero. This, combined with the self-doubt she experiences, could be her downfall. Sophitia has a reliance on fighting up-close and as such, often plays defensively. Her normal attacks, as you'd expect, revolve around her sword.

Standard Special
Stigma Reflection
Sophitia will hold her sword back and then lunge forward with a powerful stab. This can be charged for more power by holding the special button.

Side Special
Fireball Shot
Sophitia will shoot out a fireball projectile from her sword. Due to their size, power, and burning ability, she can only create one at a time.

Up Special
Heaven's Gate
Sophitia lights her sword on fire and crouches a little, before jumping up and hitting the opponent.

Down Special
Zeus's Might
Sophitia prays to the gods, causing a large lighting bolt comes from the sky, striking her sword, powering up her attacks and giving them an electrical punch. This strike can also stun the foe and leave them open for attack.

Tier 1
Omega Barrage
Sophitia does a shield strike into the opponent's gut, followed by a horizontal sword slash, followed by an upward shield strike and then she follows with a horizontal shield strike, then a downward sword strike with an electricity infused sword, which leads into a final shield strike.

Tier 2
Price Of Justice
Sophitia sheathes her sword into her shield, and then fiercely punches her opponent into the air. Shethen draws her blade and throws it into his opponent's chest then jumps to recover her sword, striking enemy while doing so.

Tier 3
Gift from the Gods
Sophitia kneels down to pray, causing a lightning bolt to strike her sword and then the enemy. This blast will cause an electrical explosion, knocking the foe into the air.

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